TRAVEL - LITTLE LEAGUE (ages 6 – 10 year olds)

Location: PAL Baseball Field

This division is played on a 46/60 little league diamond. (46/60 diamond means 46’ from pitching mound to home plate and 60’ between bases). Standard little league rules apply with modified pitching rules. This program is built to teach the fundamentals of baseball, competition, teamwork and sportsmanship. Practice is required and you can expect 3-5 practices a week in order to prepare the players for the next level.


50/70 TRAVEL LITTLE LEAGUE (ages 11-12 years old)

Location: Degnan Park, Colgate Field

This division develops the skills learned in Tradtional Little League and focuses on progressing to the next level of play. Leading and stealing off the pitcher's motion are introduced on a 50/70 field (pitching mound 50’ to home plate and base paths are 70’). The concept of the 50/70 design is to bring high school rules to a managable field size, allowing players to transition for success in high school on the 60/90 diamond. As you advance from each division it takes you one step closer to true baseball.


SENIOR TRAVEL LEAGUE (ages 13 – 14 year olds)

Location: West Orange High School

The objective of this program is to provide players the opportunity to stay involved in organized baseball while sharpening their skils against local competition. Playing on a real full size field (60/90), players will engage in different aspects of the game using regulation baseball rules. This program prepares players for high school play and a greater respect for the game of baseball.